Parallel Implementation of Color Based Image Retrieval Using CUDA on the GPU

Hadis Heidari, Abdolah Chalechale, Alireza Ahmadi Mohammadabadi
Department of Computer Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
I.J. Information Technology and Computer Science, 01, 33-40, 2014

   title={Parallel Implementation of Color Based Image Retrieval Using CUDA on the GPU},

   author={Heidari, Hadis and Chalechale, Abdolah and Mohammadabadi, Alireza Ahmadi},



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Most image processing algorithms are inherently parallel, so multithreading processors are suitable in such applications. In huge image databases, image processing takes very long time for run on a single core processor because of single thread execution of algorithms. Graphical Processors Units (GPU) is more common in most image processing applications due to multithread execution of algorithms, programmability and low cost. In this paper we implement color based image retrieval system in parallel using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) programming model to run on GPU. The main goal of this research work is to parallelize the process of color based image retrieval through color moments; also whole process is much faster than normal. Our work uses extensive usage of highly multithreaded architecture of multi-cored GPU. An efficient use of shared memory is needed to optimize parallel reduction in CUDA. We evaluated the retrieval of the proposed technique using Recall, Precision, and Average Precision measures. Experimental results showed that parallel implementation led to an average speed up of 6.305x over the serial implementation when running on a NVIDIA GPU GeForce 610M. The average Precision and the average Recall of presented method are 53.84% and 55.00% respectively.
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