VertexAPI2 – A Vertex-Program API for Large Graph Computations on the GPU

Erich Elsen, Vishal Vaidyanathan
Royal Caliber LLC
Royal Caliber LLC, 2014


   title={VertexAPI2-A Vertex-Program API for Large Graph Computations on the GPU},

   author={Elsen, Erich and Vaidyanathan, Vishal},



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VertexAPI2 uses state-of-the-art GPU algorithms to implement the Gather-Apply-Scatter (GAS) abstraction for graph computations. VertexAPI2 provides up to an order of magnitude greater performance over the previous implementation and performance comparable to speed-of-light hand-coded algorithms in some cases, while retaining the simplicity of development of the GAS model. The current code also has a preliminary multi-gpu implementation which will form the basis for scalability to multiple GPUs in future versions.
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