6th International Conference on Circuits, System and Simulation (ICCSS), 2016

August 16-18, 2016
Mexico City

2016 6th International Conference on Circuits, System and Simulation(ICCSS 2016) will be held in Mexico City during August 16-18, 2016. It is technical sponsored by *National Autonomous University of Mexico (NAUM), Mexico*;

Paper Publication
All accepted papers must be written in English and will be published into #IEEE conference proceedings#, indexed by **Ei Compendex**.

Conference Chair and Program Chairs
Prof. Abel Herrera, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Prof. Victor Hugo Lopez Enriquez, University Polytechnic of Guanajuato, Mexico
Prof. Gilmar Barreto-UNICAMP – FEEC – School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brazil
Prof. Atiana F. P. A. T. Pazelli, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil
Prof. Oscar Fernando Aviles Sanchez, Nueva Granada Military University – COLOMBIA

Note: One day tour in Mexico City in Ausgust 18, 2016.

Contact us
Cindy Miao, Conference Secretary
E-mail: iccss@asr.org.
Tel: +1-617-229-6820 (USA)

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