On OpenCL and Chaotic Phenomena

Mohamed Khalifa, Ali Alsaadi, Ali Alkhathlan
University of Colorado at Denver
University of Colorado at Denver, 2012


   title={On OpenCL and Chaotic Phenomena},

   author={Khalifa, Mohamed and Alsaadi, Ali and Alkhathlan, Ali},



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The recent successes of GPGPU (General Programming on Graphics Processing Units) has led to a massive increase in interest in computing on GPGPUs. This paper discusses the possible use of OpenCL, a recent industry-wide standard language for computation on heterogeneous devices, including CPUs and GPUs, in the computation of chaotic phenomena, namely the bifurcation diagram of the logistic map and the standard visualization of the Mandelbrot set. It will investigate the possible advantages and disadvantages of using OpenCL over opposing approaches, such as CUDA, and in general, the advantages and disadvantages of GPGPU over traditional computing in the context of computation of chaotic phenomena.
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