Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems

Nicolai Wengert, Dan Negrut
University of Wisconsin – Madison
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Technical Report TR-2012-03

   title={Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems},

   author={Wengert, Nicolai and Negrut, Dan},



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Ray tracing simulations are required for investigating the dynamical behavior of optical systems. By means of image simulations, an exposed image can be generated. However, this requires a high number of rays which have to be traced through an optical system. Since all rays are independent of each other, they can be traced individually using parallel computing. In the first part, an overview to GPU computing using the Parallel Computing Toolbox in MATLAB will be given. The second part outlines the algorithm for the ray tracing simulation. This includes basic ray tracing formalisms as well as lens kinematics for rigid lenses. Finally, an example is used to demonstrate speedup results obtained using MATLAB parallel computing on the GPU.
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