Graphics Processing Unit based searching the critical slip surface of slopes by the Vector Sum Analysis Method

Liu Shaobo, Wang Chuanying, Han Zengqiang
State Key Laboratory of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiaohongshan, Wuhan 430071, China
Disaster Advances, 4, 2012

   title={Graphics Processing Unit based searching the critical slip surface of slopes by the Vector Sum Analysis Method},

   author={Shaobo, L. and Chuanying, W. and Zengqiang, H.},



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Vector Sum Analysis Method (VSAM), with its clear physical and mechanical meaning in slope stability analysis, can be effectively applied to calculate the slope safety factor and to search the critical slip surface of a slope. In the current researches of VSAM, most people focus on the solutions or application in slope engineering without considering the computing performance. In recent years, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) was quickly developed with its high performance of parallel computing. In this paper, VSAM based on GPU is put forward, the principles of GPU-based computing speedup are introduced and accelerated effects of two slope examples are tested under different computing scales. The results show that computing performance of GPU-based VSAM is significantly improved (the maximum speedup achieved is 31.07x); also, they demonstrate that an effective solution is provided for large-scale slope stability calculation.
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