A Discussion of Selected Vienna-Libraries for Computational Science

Karl Rupp, Florian Rudolf, Josef Weinbub
MCS Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Bld. 240, Argonne IL, 60439, USA
C++Now, 2013

   title={A Discussion of Selected Vienna-Libraries for Computational Science},

   author={Rupp, Karl and Rudolf, Florian and Weinbub, Josef},



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We address the low popularity of C++ in computational science by introducing a set of orthogonal libraries: The CUDA-, OpenCL-, and OpenMP-enabled linear algebra library ViennaCL, the mesh datastructure library ViennaGrid, a data storage facility named ViennaData, and the symbolic math kernel ViennaMath. Finally, we discuss how these orthogonal components interact within the finite element package ViennaFEM. The main focus of the discussion is on the various programming techniques applied and on how C++ can be improved to better fulfill the demands of computational science.
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