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cuGWAM: Genome-wide association multifactor dimensionality reduction using CUDA-enabled high-performance graphics processing unit Package

CuHMMer: A load-balanced CPU-GPU cooperative bioinformatics application Download

cuIBM — A GPU-accelerated Immersed Boundary Method Download

cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA Download

CUKNN: A parallel implementation of K-nearest neighbor on CUDA-enabled GPU Download

CULA: hybrid GPU accelerated linear algebra routines Download Package

cuLGT: Lattice Gauge Fixing on GPUs Download Package

CULLIDE: interactive collision detection between complex models in large environments using graphics hardware Download

CuMAPz: a tool to analyze memory access patterns in CUDA Download

CuMF_SGD: Fast and Scalable Matrix Factorization Download Package

CuMF: scale matrix factorization using just ONE machine with GPUs Download

CuNesl: Compiling Nested Data-Parallel Languages for SIMT Architectures Download

CuNeuQuant: A CUDA Implementation of the NeuQuant Image Quantization Algorithm Download Package

CuParcone A High-Performance Evolvable Neural Network Model

CuPP – A framework for easy CUDA integration Download Package

CURFIL: Random Forests for Image Labeling on GPU Download Package

Curling and clumping fur represented by texture layers Download

Curracurrong: a stream processing system for distributed environments Download

Current and Nascent SETI Instruments in the Radio and Optical Download

Current performance gains from utilizing the GPU or the ASIC MDGRAPE-3 within an enhanced Poisson Boltzmann approach

CUSA and CUDE: GPU-accelerated methods for estimating solvent accessible surface area and desolvation Download

cusFFT: A High-Performance Sparse Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm on GPUs Download

CUSHAW: a CUDA compatible short read aligner to large genomes based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform Download Package

CUSIMANN: An optimized simulated annealing software for GPUs Download Package

Customizable Domain-Specific Computing Download

Customizable Memory Schemes for Data Parallel Accelerators Download

Customization of OpenCL Applications for Efficient Task Mapping under Heterogeneous Platform Constraints Download

Customizing Driving Directions with GPUs Download

Customizing Instruction Set Extensible Reconfigurable Processors using GPUs Download

CUTE solutions for two-point correlation functions from large cosmological datasets Download Package

CUVLE: Variable-Length Encoding on CUDA Download

CVC: The Contourlet Video Compression algorithm for real-time applications Download

CVPI: A Computer Vision Library For Mobile and Embedded Platforms Download Package

Cyclic Reduction Tridiagonal Solvers on GPUs Applied to Mixed-Precision Multigrid Download

Cytochrome P450 site of metabolism prediction from 2D topological fingerprints using GPU accelerated probabilistic classifiers Download Package

D-face: Parallel Implementation of CNN Based Face Classifier using Drone Data On K40 & Jetson TK1 Download

D5.5.2 – Architectural Techniques to exploit SLACK & ACCURACY trade-offs Download

D5.5.3 – Design and implementation of the SIMD-MIMD GPU architecture Download

D5.5.4 – Characterization of Redundancy and Definition of Work Reuse Download

Daino: A High-level Framework for Parallel and Efficient AMR on GPUs Download

DAMS: distributed adaptive metaheuristic selection Download

Dandelion: a Compiler and Runtime for Heterogeneous Systems Download

Dark Sky Simulations: Early Data Release Download Package

Data access optimized applications on the GPU using NVIDIA CUDA Download

Data Acquisition with GPUs: The DAQ for the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab Download

Data analysis and 3D evolution in High Energy Physics using graphic processor Download

Data Analysis of Minimally-Structured Heterogeneous Logs: An experimental study of log template extraction and anomaly detection based on Recurrent Neural Network and Naive Bayes Download Package

Data Assimilation using a GPU Accelerated Path Integral Monte Carlo Approach Download

Data Buffering Optimization Methods toward a Uniform Programming Interface for GPU-based Applications Download Package

Data classification for artificial intelligence construct training to aid in network incident identification using network telescope data

Data Compression using CUDA programming in GPU

Data driven scheduling approach for the multi-node multi-GPU Cholesky decomposition Download

Data handling inefficiencies between CUDA, 3D rendering, and system memory

Data Layout Optimization for Multi-Valued Containers in OpenCL Download

Data Layout Pruning on GPU Download

Data Layout Transformation Exploiting Memory-Level Parallelism in Structured Grid Many-Core Applications Download

Data Layout Transformation for Structured-Grid Codes on GPU Download

Data Mining and Machine Learning in Astronomy Download

Data Mining Techniques in Parallel and Distributed Environment – A Comprehensive Survey Download

Data Mining Using Graphics Processing Units Download

Data parallel acceleration of decision support queries using Cell/BE and GPUs Download

Data parallel execution challenges and runtime performance of agent simulations on GPUs Download

Data parallel loop statement extension to CUDA: GpuC Download

Data parallel patterns on CPU/GPU mix Download

Data Parallel Quadtree Indexing and Spatial Query Processing of Complex Polygon Data on GPUs Download

Data Parallel Three-Dimensional Cahn-Hilliard Field Equation Simulation on GPUs with CUDA Download

Data Parallelism Exploiting for H.264 Encoder Download

Data Partitioning on Heterogeneous Multicore and Multi-GPU Systems Using Functional Performance Models of Data-Parallel Applications Download

Data registration module – a component of semantic simulation engine Download

Data Regression with Normal Equation on GPU using CUDA Download

Data Remanence and Digital Forensic Investigation for CUDA Graphics Processing Units Download

Data Sorting Using Graphics Processing Units Download

Data Stream Classification using Random Feature Functions and Novel Method Combinations Download

Data structure design for GPU based heterogeneous systems Download

Data Structures and Algorithms for Counting Problems on Graphs using GPU Download

Data Structures and Transformations for Physically Based Simulation on a GPU Download

Data Structures for Task-based Priority Scheduling Download Package

Data Transfer Matters for GPU Computing Download Package

Data transformations enabling loop vectorization on multithreaded data parallel architectures Download

Data Triage and Visual Analytics for Scientific Visualization Download

Data Visualization and Mining using the GPU Download

Data-aware scheduling of legacy kernels on heterogeneous platforms with distributed memory

Data-Aware Task Scheduling on Multi-accelerator Based Platforms Download Package

Data-Driven Programming Abstractions and Optimization for Multi-Core Platforms Download

Data-driven versus Topology-driven Irregular Computations on GPUs Download

Data-intensive document clustering on GPU clusters Download

Data-intensive document clustering on graphics processing unit (GPU) clusters Download

Data-parallel Acceleration of PARSEC Black-Scholes Benchmark Download

Data-parallel algorithms and data structures Download

Data-parallel algorithms for large-scale real-time simulation of the cellular potts model on graphics processing units Download

Data-parallel computing Download

Data-Parallel Construction of delta_N-Nets with Maximum Dispersion Download

Data-Parallel Octrees for Surface Reconstruction Download

Data-Parallelism and GPUs for Lattice Gas Fluid Simulations Download

Data-rich astronomy: mining synoptic sky surveys Download

Database Operation Development on the GPU Download

Dataflow-based Design and Implementation of Image Processing Applications Download

Dataflow-Based Implementation of Layered Sensing Applications Download

Dataflow-driven GPU performance projection for multi-kernel transformations Download

Datalog for GPUs Download


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