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Modification of self-organizing migration algorithm for OpenCL framework  33,297 views

Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems  13,760 views

Data Layout Pruning on GPU  11,426 views

GMM based Fisher vector calculation on GPGPU  8,207 views

Torch7: A Matlab-like Environment for Machine Learning  7,016 views

OpenCL Programming by Example  6,955 views

OpenMP Programming on Intel R Xeon Phi TM Coprocessors: An Early Performance Comparison  6,559 views

PySPH: A Python framework for SPH  6,236 views

NaNet:a low-latency NIC enabling GPU-based, real-time low level trigger systems  6,231 views

GPU implementation of a deep learning network for image recognition tasks  6,223 views

Code Optimization Techniques for Graphics Processing Units  6,120 views

Matrix inversion speed up with CUDA  5,291 views

Breaking DVB-CSA  5,104 views

CUDA Programming: A Developer’s Guide to Parallel Computing with GPUs  4,979 views

Advanced 2D Rasterization on Modern CPUs  4,705 views

BIDMach: Large-scale Learning with Zero Memory Allocation  4,692 views

Implementing Neural Networks Efficiently  4,521 views

Implementing Level-3 BLAS Routines in OpenCL on Different Processing Units  4,365 views

Scandalously Parallelizable Mesh Generation  4,198 views

Random Forests of Very Fast Decision Trees on GPU for Mining Evolving Big Data Streams  4,124 views

Adaptive Task Size Control on High Level Programming for GPU/CPU Work Sharing  4,108 views

libWater: Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Made Easy  3,994 views

gSLIC: a real-time implementation of SLIC superpixel segmentation  3,805 views

HUGO: Hierarchical mUlti-reference Genome cOmpression for aligned reads  3,743 views

Nemo: A parallelized Lagrangian particle-tracking model  3,689 views

A Framework for Productive, Efficient and Portable Parallel Computing  3,620 views

BbmTTP: Beat-based Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm on GPGPUs for the Mirrored Traveling Tournament Problem  3,607 views

Performance Comparison of GPU, DSP and FPGA implementations of image processing and computer vision algorithms in embedded systems  3,605 views

Warps and Atomics: Beyond Barrier Synchronization in the Verification of GPU Kernels  3,596 views

The CUDA Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to GPU Programming  3,509 views

Efficient 2D Software Rendering  3,508 views

Nengo: a Python tool for building large-scale functional brain models  3,491 views

Tesla vs. Xeon Phi vs. Radeon A Compiler Writer’s Perspective  3,459 views

Towards Portable Performance for Explicit Hydrodynamics Codes  3,391 views

High Performance Algorithms to Improve the Runtime Computation of Spacecraft Trajectories  3,352 views

Parallel Neural Network Training with OpenCL  3,300 views

A Highly Extensible Framework for Molecule Dynamic Simulation on GPUs  3,280 views

k+-buffer: Fragment Synchronized k-buffer  3,229 views

Theano: Deep Learning on GPUs with Python  3,219 views

DTAM: Dense tracking and mapping in real-time  3,218 views

The Parallel Bayesian Toolbox for High-performance Bayesian Filtering in Metrology  3,205 views

Robust GPGPU plugin development for RapidMiner  3,200 views

cudaMap: a GPU accelerated program for gene expression connectivity mapping  3,188 views

Graphics Processing Units in Acceleration of Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Estimation  3,170 views

An OpenCL Method of Parallel Sorting Algorithms for GPU Architecture  3,168 views

BigKernel — High Performance CPU-GPU Communication Pipelining for Big Data-style Applications  3,123 views

Enabling High Performance Computing in Cloud Infrastructure using Virtualized GPUs  3,119 views

OpenCL Programming Guide  3,080 views

Fast Parallel Sorting Algorithms on GPUs  3,074 views

Anisotropic mesh coarsening and refinement on GPU architecture  3,055 views

Efficient Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on x86-Based Many-Core Processors  3,009 views

VertexAPI2 – A Vertex-Program API for Large Graph Computations on the GPU  3,004 views

Simulating Dam-Break Flooding with Floating Objects through Intricate City Layouts Using GPU-based SPH Method  2,979 views

Accelerator Aware MPI Micro-benchmarking using CUDA, OpenACC and OpenCL  2,960 views

GPU Accelerated Vessel Segmentation Using Laplacian Eigenmaps  2,948 views

CuNeuQuant: A CUDA Implementation of the NeuQuant Image Quantization Algorithm  2,931 views

Adaptation of an acoustic propagation model to the parallel architecture of a graphics processor  2,920 views

GPU Passthrough Performance: A Comparison of KVM, Xen, VMWare ESXi, and LXC for CUDA and OpenCL Applications  2,909 views

A GPGPU Implementation of Approximate String Matching with Regular Expression Operators and Comparison with Its FPGA Implementation  2,901 views

A tool for mapping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms using Graphics Processing Units  2,887 views

Hadoop+Aparapi: Making heterogenous MapReduce programming easier  2,885 views

Usage of GPU in LS-DYNA  2,867 views

Parallel Irradiance Caching on the GPU  2,865 views

Build and Travel KD-Tree with CUDA  2,841 views

vCUDA Framework Development for GPU Virtualization  2,826 views

Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor High-Performance Programming  2,820 views

CUSIMANN: An optimized simulated annealing software for GPUs  2,791 views

OpenCL vs. OpenMP: A Programmability Debate  2,730 views

Data Transfer Matters for GPU Computing  2,709 views

Adaptation of algorithms for underwater sonar data processing to GPU-based systems  2,703 views

ScatterAlloc: Massively Parallel Dynamic Memory Allocation for the GPU  2,693 views

Introduction to GPU Radix Sort  2,679 views

Offload Compiler Runtime for the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor  2,678 views

Optimizing Stencil Computations for NVIDIA Kepler GPUs  2,674 views

GPU Pro 6: Advanced Rendering Techniques  2,672 views

Efficient Hybrid Execution of C++ Applications using Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessor  2,651 views

Evaluating GPU Passthrough in Xen for High Performance Cloud Computing  2,637 views

You Can Type, but You Can’t Hide: A Stealthy GPU-based Keylogger  2,610 views

clpeak – peak performance of your opencl device  2,608 views

Learning Random Forests on the GPU  2,607 views

Comparison of Fragmentation/Dispersion Models for Asteroid Nuclear Disruption Mission Design  2,602 views

Medusa: Simplified Graph Processing on GPUs  2,590 views

Performance Evaluation of R with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor  2,570 views

GMP implementation on CUDA – A Backward Compatible Design With Performance Tuning  2,558 views

OpenCL Parallel Programming Development Cookbook  2,537 views

A Parallel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem: Improving Performance Using CUDA  2,536 views

Solving Linear Equations with Conjugate Gradient Method on OpenCL Platforms  2,530 views

Parallel GPU-accelerated Recursion-based Generators of Pseudorandom Numbers  2,519 views

MATLAB and Python for GPU Computing  2,506 views

Accelerating Simulation Codes through the GeMTC Framework  2,476 views

Efficient Algorithms for Sorting on GPUs  2,433 views

A Research of MapReduce with GPU Acceleration  2,430 views

A Parallel Implementation of the Galerkin Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations on a Triangular Mesh  2,391 views

GPU Computing Gems: Jade Edition  2,386 views

Performance Analysis and Tuning For: General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU)  2,383 views

cufftShift: High Performance CUDA-accelerated FFT-shift Library  2,383 views

Efficient Parallel RSA Decryption Algorithm for Many-core GPUs with CUDA  2,381 views

Memory transfer optimization for a lattice Boltzmann solver on Kepler architecture nVidia GPUs  2,373 views

Accelerating Computer Vision Algorithms Using OpenCL on Mobile GPU – A Case Study  2,326 views

Accelerating Fast Fourier Transforms Using Hadoop and CUDA  2,324 views


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