Jul, 18

Heterogeneous Computing for Data Stream Mining

Graphical Processing Units are de-facto standard for acceleration of data parallel tasks in high performance computing. They are widely used to accelerate batch machine learning algorithms. High-end discrete GPUs are characterized by a very high number of cores (thousands), high bandwidth memory optimized for the stream access and high power requirements. Integrated GPUs are characterized […]
Jul, 16

9th International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICCEE), 2016

Paper publication All paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, research content, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. All accepted papers will be published in one of the indexed Journals after proper registration and presentation. – Journal of Computers(JCP, ISSN: 1796-203X) Indexed by: ULRICH’s Periodicals Directory; Google Scholar; INSPEC; etc. – […]
Jul, 16

9th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT), 2016

Paper Publication: All papers are reviewed using a single-blind review process, the accepted paper will be published in journal. Journal of Communications (JCM, ISSN: 1796-2021); Journal of Software(JSW, ISSN: 1796-217X); Journal of Computers(JCP, ISSN: 1796-203X); International Journal of Future Computer and Communication (IJFCC, ISSN: 2010-3751); International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering (IJCTE, ISSN: 1793-8201); […]
Jul, 16

2nd International Conference on Signal Processing (ICOSP), 2016

Paper Publication Accepted papers of ICOSP 2016 could be published in: International Journal of Signal Processing Systems (IJSPS)
Jul, 16

2nd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Systems (ICMES), 2016

Publication: All accepted papers will be published in the volume of MATEC Web of Conferences (ISSN: 2261-236X), being indexed by Ei Compendex, Inspec, DOAJ, CPCI (Web of Science) and Scopus. Submission Methods: Full Paper (publication and oral presentation) Abstract (oral presentation only) Electronic Submission System (.pdf) https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icmes2016
Jul, 16

Stability and Performance of Various Singular Value QR Implementations on Multicore CPU with a GPU

Singular Value QR (SVQR) can orthonormalize a set of dense vectors with the minimum communication (one global reduction between the parallel processing units, and BLAS-3 to perform most of its local computation). As a result, compared to other orthogonalization schemes, SVQR obtains superior performance on many of the current computers, where the communication has become […]
Jul, 16

An investigation of GPU-based stiff chemical kinetics integration methods

A fifth-order implicit Runge-Kutta method and two fourth-order exponential integration methods equipped with Krylov subspace approximations were implemented for the GPU and paired with the analytical chemical kinetic Jacobian software pyJac. The performance of each algorithm was evaluated by integrating thermochemical state data sampled from stochastic partially stirred reactor simulations and compared with the commonly […]
Jul, 16

Finite Element Integration with Quadrature on the GPU

We present a novel, quadrature-based finite element integration method for low-order elements on GPUs, using a pattern we call thread transposition to avoid reductions while vectorizing aggressively. On the NVIDIA GTX580, which has a nominal single precision peak flop rate of 1.5 TF/s and a memory bandwidth of 192 GB/s, we achieve close to 300 […]
Jul, 16

GeauxDock: Accelerating Structure-Based Virtual Screening with Heterogeneous Computing

Computational modeling of drug binding to proteins is an integral component of direct drug design. Particularly, structure-based virtual screening is often used to perform large-scale modeling of putative associations between small organic molecules and their pharmacologically relevant protein targets. Because of a large number of drug candidates to be evaluated, an accurate and fast docking […]
Jul, 16

Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks

Real-time simulation of fluid and smoke is a long standing problem in computer graphics, where state-of-the-art approaches require large compute resources, making real-time applications often impractical. In this work, we propose a data-driven approach that leverages the approximation power of deep-learning methods with the precision of standard fluid solvers to obtain both fast and highly […]
Jul, 13

Survey of Domain-Specific Languages for FPGA Computing

High-performance FPGA programming has typically been the exclusive domain of a small band of specialized hardware developers. They are capable of reasoning about implementation concerns at the register-transfer level (RTL) which is analogous to assembly-level programming in software. Sometimes these developers are required to push further down to manage even lower levels of abstraction closer […]
Jul, 13

OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications

Cameras are becoming ubiquitous in the Internet of Things (IoT) and can use face recognition technology to improve context. There is a large accuracy gap between today’s publicly available face recognition systems and the state-of-the-art private face recognition systems. This paper presents our OpenFace face recognition library that bridges this accuracy gap. We show that […]
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