Jun, 20

Distance field transform with an adaptive iteration method

We propose a novel distance field transform method based on an iterative method adaptively performed on an evolving active band. Our method utilizes a narrow band to store active grid points being computed. Unlike the conventional fast marching method, we do not maintain a priority queue, and instead, perform iterative computing inside the band. This […]
Jun, 20

Image-Based Material Restyling with Fast Non-local Means Filtering

This paper presents a new GPU-based implementation of fast non-local means (NLM) filtering for material restyling. Our fast NLM filtering algorithm is able to achive realtime feedback of interactive image editing. Furthermore a novel material editing method based on our fast NLM filtering is proposed to change the material appearance of image-based objects. Given an […]
Jun, 20

A Parallel Streaming Motion Estimation for Real-Time HD H.264 Encoding on Programmable Processors

Motion estimation is an important computing intensive component in most video compression standards. The high computational costs and heavy memory bandwidth requirements of motion estimation give huge pressure to most existing programmable processors, especially in real-time high definition H.264 video encoding. Emerging stream processing model supported by most programmable processors provide a powerful mechanism to […]
Jun, 20

Volumetric Ambient Occlusion for Real-Time Rendering and Games

This new algorithm, based on GPUs, can compute ambient occlusion to inexpensively approximate global-illumination effects in real-time systems and games. The first step in deriving this algorithm is to examine how ambient occlusion relates to the physically founded rendering equation. The correspondence stems from a fuzzy membership function that defines what constitutes nearby occlusions. The […]
Jun, 19

Auto-tuning Dense Matrix Multiplication for GPGPU with Cache

In this paper we discuss about our experiences in improving the performance of GEMM (both single and double precision) on Fermi architecture using CUDA, and how the new features of Fermi such as cache affect performance. It is found that the addition of cache in GPU on one hand helps the processers take advantage of […]
Jun, 19

The Application of CUDA Architecture in Facial Expression Recognition

This work studies the general method of modern graphics processing unit (GPU) calculating and uses compute unified device architecture (CUDA) to present an implementation of facial expression recognition. We calculate the Gromov-Hausdorff distance between faces, and this measures how far each pair of faces are from being isometric. Finally, The results showed the feasibility of […]
Jun, 19

Efficient LBM Visual Simulation on Face-Centered Cubic Lattices

The Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) for visual simulation of fluid flow generally employs cubic Cartesian (CC) lattices such as the D3Q13 and D3Q19 lattices for the particle transport. However, the CC lattices lead to suboptimal representation of the simulation space. We introduce the face-centered cubic (FCC) lattice, fD3Q13, for LBM simulations. Compared to the CC […]
Jun, 19

Visual system design for excavator simulator with deformable terrain

The visual system of an excavator simulator has been developed in this paper for training human operators and evaluating control strategies for heavy-duty hydraulic machines. In such a system, the operator controls a virtual excavator by means of a joystick while experiencing realistic operating feelings through force feedback, graphical displays, and sound effects in virtual […]
Jun, 19

Fast Query for Exemplar-Based Image Completion

In this paper, we present a fast algorithm for filling unknown regions in an image using the strategy of exemplar-matching. Unlike the original exemplar-based method using exhaustive search, we decompose exemplars into the frequency coefficients and select fewer coefficients which are the most significant to evaluate the matching score. We have also developed a local […]
Jun, 19

Fast imaging by a single-slice-detector helical CT

In order to accelerate imaging process and lower overall system cost, many practical CT systems use single slice detectors and big-pitch helical scanning, especially in next generation Baggage Scanning system. In this paper, we present a reconstruction strategy for this kind of systems. We researched on the imaging qualities resulting from different scanning parameters, especially […]
Jun, 19

Visualization of Fibrous and Thread-like Data

Thread-like structures are becoming more common in modern volumetric data sets as our ability to image vascular and neural tissue at higher resolutions improves. The thread-like structures of neurons and micro-vessels pose a unique problem in visualization since they tend to be densely packed in small volumes of tissue. This makes it difficult for an […]
Jun, 19

Visualisation of Physical Lung Simulation: an Interactive Application to Assist Physicians

Radiation therapy of cancer necessitates accurate tumour targeting. Unfortunately, during the treatment the tumour and the related organs can undergo large displacement and deformation. Physicians need an estimation of these movements, for an adapted therapy. In this paper, we propose a methodology to provide physicians with reconstructed 4D (3D+time) CT scans, considered as essential data. […]
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The platforms are

Node 1
  • GPU device 0: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB, 822MHz
  • GPU device 1: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB, 880MHz
  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 @ 2.8GHz 1055T
  • RAM: 12GB
  • OS: OpenSUSE 13.1
  • SDK: nVidia CUDA Toolkit 6.5.14, AMD APP SDK 3.0
Node 2
  • GPU device 0: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 7970 3GB, 1000MHz
  • GPU device 1: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870 2GB, 850MHz
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz
  • RAM: 16GB
  • OS: OpenSUSE 12.3
  • SDK: AMD APP SDK 3.0

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