Sep, 5

Virtual Rheoscopic Fluids

We present a visualization technique for simulated fluid dynamics data that visualizes the gradient of the velocity field in an intuitive way. Our work is inspired by rheoscopic particles, which are small, flat particles that, when suspended in fluid, align themselves with the shear of the flow. We adopt the physical principles of real rheoscopic […]
Sep, 5

Graphical future

The future of computing is something that is very much on the mind of nVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, not least because he thinks his company is going to have a hand in it. As a maker of graphics processing units (GPUs), nVidia has had more of a walk-on role in the PC. If you want […]
Sep, 5

Fast Construction of SAH BVHs on the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture

We investigate how to efficiently build bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) with surface area heuristic (SAH) on the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture. To achieve maximum performance, we use four key concepts: progressive 10-bit quantization to reduce cache footprint with negligible loss in BVH quality; an AoSoA data layout that allows efficient streaming and SIMD […]
Sep, 5

A CUDA-based parallel implementation of K-nearest neighbor algorithm

Recent developments in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have enabled inexpensive high performance computing for general-purpose applications. Due to GPU’s tremendous computing capability, it has emerged as the co-processor of the CPU to achieve a high overall throughput. CUDA programming model provides the programmers adequate C language like APIs to better exploit the parallel power of […]
Sep, 5

Real-Time Tone Mapping for High-Resolution HDR Images

High dynamic range rendering attempts to take an HDR image and produce a more realistic representation on a limited range computer monitor. Although several tone mapping operators have been proposed in recent years, no evaluation has yet been undertaken to explore which operator is more suitable for hardware implementation. In this paper, we begin with […]
Sep, 5

DUODECIM – a structure for point scan compression and rendering

In this paper we present a compression scheme for large point scans including per-point normals. For the encoding of such scans we introduce a particular type of closest sphere packing grids, the hexagonal close packing (HCP). HCP grids provide a structure for an optimal packing of 3D space, and for a given sampling error they […]
Sep, 5

Fault table generation using Graphics Processing Units

In this paper, we explore the implementation of fault table generation on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). A fault table is essential for fault diagnosis and fault detection in VLSI testing and debug. Generating a fault table requires extensive fault simulation, with no fault dropping, and is extremely expensive from a computational standpoint. Fault simulation […]
Sep, 5

Efficient Execution on GPUs of Field-Based Vehicular Mobility Models

Large-scale scenarios of vehicular traffic simulation problems are characterized by complex queuing effects, control mechanisms and other interactions of the traffic on the control and vice versa. While small-sized scenarios are relatively easy to explore and analyze, larger scenarios need specialized treatment for efficient execution. The simulation challenges of speed and scale become pronounced when […]
Sep, 5

Isocube: Exploiting the Cubemap Hardware

This paper proposes a novel six-face spherical map, isocube, that fully utilizes the cubemap hardware built in most GPUs. Unlike the cubemap, the proposed isocube uniformly samples the unit sphere (uniformly distributed), and all samples span the same solid angle (equally important). Its mapping computation contains only a small overhead. By feeding the cubemap hardware […]
Sep, 5

A CUDA Based Implementation of an Image Authentication Algorithm

Image authentication is an important technology to protect images from being malicious tampered and have became an indispensable part of digital world. The main schemes used for image authentication are signature and watermarking in the last decade. However, in traditional serial manners, the operations of both methods are time-consuming, and limit the wide use of […]
Sep, 5

A near real-time framework for extracting tip-sample forces in dynamic atomic force microscopy (dAFM)

The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a versatile, high-resolution tool used to characterize the topography and material properties of a large variety of specimens at nano-scale. The interaction of the micro-cantilever tip with the specimen causes cantilever deflections that are measured by an optical sensing mechanism and subsequently utilized to construct the sample topography. Recent […]
Sep, 4

Electrical distribution grid visualization using programmable GPUs

Modern graphic cards enable applications to process big amounts of graphical data faster than CPUs, allowing high-volume parallelizable data to be visualized in real-time. In this paper, we present an approach to enable a power grid planning Computer-Aided-Design application to use this processing power to visualize electrical distribution grids in the fastest possible way. As […]
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