Oct, 28

AUTO-GC: Automatic translation of data mining applications to GPU clusters

Because of the very favorable price to performance ratio of the GPUs, a popular parallel programming configuration today is a cluster of GPUs. However, extracting performance on such a configuration would typically require programming in both MPI and CUDA, thus requiring a high degree of expertise and effort. It is clearly desirable to be able […]
Oct, 28

GPU-based streaming architectures for fast cone-beam CT image reconstruction and demons deformable registration

This paper shows how to significantly accelerate cone-beam CT reconstruction and 3D deformable image registration using the stream-processing model. We describe data-parallel designs for the Feldkamp, Davis and Kress (FDK) reconstruction algorithm, and the demons deformable registration algorithm, suitable for use on a commodity graphics processing unit. The streaming versions of these algorithms are implemented […]
Oct, 28

GPU Gems: Programming Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Real-Time Graphics

GPU Gems has won a prestigious Front Line Award from Game Developer Magazine. The Front Line Awards recognize products that enable faster and more efficient game development, advancing the state of the art.FULL COLOR THROUGHOUT! “This collection of articles is particularly impressive for its depth and breadth. The book includes product-oriented case studies, previously unpublished […]
Oct, 28

GPU packet classification using OpenCL: a consideration of viable classification methods

Packet analysis is an important aspect of network security, which typically relies on a flexible packet filtering system to extrapolate important packet information from each processed packet. Packet analysis is a computationally intensive, highly parallelisable task, and as such, classification of large packet sets, such as those collected by a network telescope, can require significant […]
Oct, 28

CUDA cuts: Fast graph cuts on the GPU

Graph cuts has become a powerful and popular optimization tool for energies defined over an MRF and have found applications in image segmentation, stereo vision, image restoration, etc. The maxflow/mincut algorithm to compute graph-cuts is computationally heavy. The best-reported implementation of graph cuts takes over 100 milliseconds even on images of size 640×480 and cannot […]
Oct, 28

Browsing a Large Collection of Community Photos Based on Similarity on GPU

A novel approach is proposed in this paper to facilitate browsing a large collection of community photos based on visual similarities. Using extracted feature vectors, the approach maps photos onto a 2D rectangular area such that the ones with similar features are close to each other. When a user browses the collection, a subset of […]
Oct, 28

An adaptive performance modeling tool for GPU architectures

This paper presents an analytical model to predict the performance of general-purpose applications on a GPU architecture. The model is designed to provide performance information to an auto-tuning compiler and assist it in narrowing down the search to the more promising implementations. It can also be incorporated into a tool to help programmers better assess […]
Oct, 28

An efficient implementation of Smith Waterman algorithm on GPU using CUDA, for massively parallel scanning of sequence databases

The Smith Waterman algorithm for sequence alignment is one of the main tools of bioinformatics. It is used for sequence similarity searches and alignment of similar sequences. The high end Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), used for processing graphics on desktop computers, deliver computational capabilities exceeding those of CPUs by an order of magnitude. Recently these […]
Oct, 28

Acceleration technique for volume rendering using 2D texture based ray plane casting on GPU

In this paper, we present a very fast new GPU-based algorithm for volume rendering using the ray plane casting technique. It consists of preprocessing and main processing. In preprocessing, we reduce the waste of memory and produce the texture data which can be efficiently traversed concurrently in main processing by converting the volume data into […]
Oct, 28

An efficient, model-based CPU-GPU heterogeneous FFT library

General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) is becoming popular in HPC because of its high peak performance. However, in spite of the potential performance improvements as well as recent promising results in scientific computing applications, its real performance is not necessarily higher than that of the current high-performance CPUs, especially with recent trends towards […]
Oct, 28

Visualization and GPU-accelerated simulation of medical ultrasound from CT images

We present a fast GPU-based method for simulation of ultrasound images from volumetric CT scans and their visualization. The method uses a ray-based model of the ultrasound to generate view-dependent ultrasonic effects such as occlusions, large-scale reflections and attenuation combined with speckle patterns derived from pre-processing the CT image using a wave-based model of ultrasound […]
Oct, 28

Fast Simulations of Gravitational Many-body Problem on RV770 GPU

The gravitational many-body problem is a problem concerning the movement of bodies, which are interacting through gravity. However, solving the gravitational many-body problem with a CPU takes a lot of time due to O(N^2) computational complexity. In this paper, we show how to speed-up the gravitational many-body problem by using GPU. After extensive optimizations, the […]
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