Simon Harding
Graphics processor units are fast, inexpensive parallel computing devices. Recently there has been great interest in harnessing this power for various types of scientific computation, including genetic programming. In previous work, we have shown that using the graphics processor provides dramatic speed improvements over a standard CPU in the context of fitness evaluation. In this […]
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Simon Harding, Wolfgang Banzhaf
As is typical in evolutionary algorithms, fitness evaluation in GP takes the majority of the computational effort. In this paper we demonstrate the use of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to accelerate the evaluation of individuals. We show that for both binary and floating point based data types, it is possible to get speed increases […]
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Guanhua Li, Zongying Ou, Tieming Su, Jun Han
Mutual information (MI)-based image registration is effective in registering medical images, but it is computationally expensive. This paper accelerates MI-based image registration by dividing computation of mutual information into spatial transformation and histogram-based calculation, and performing 3D spatial transformation and trilinear interpolation on graphic processing unit (GPU). The 3D floating image is downloaded to GPU […]
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Free GPU computing nodes at hgpu.org

Registered users can now run their OpenCL application at hgpu.org. We provide 1 minute of computer time per each run on two nodes with two AMD and one nVidia graphics processing units, correspondingly. There are no restrictions on the number of starts.

The platforms are

Node 1
  • GPU device 0: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB, 822MHz
  • GPU device 1: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB, 880MHz
  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 @ 2.8GHz 1055T
  • RAM: 12GB
  • OS: OpenSUSE 13.1
  • SDK: nVidia CUDA Toolkit 6.5.14, AMD APP SDK 3.0
Node 2
  • GPU device 0: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 7970 3GB, 1000MHz
  • GPU device 1: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870 2GB, 850MHz
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz
  • RAM: 16GB
  • OS: OpenSUSE 12.3
  • SDK: AMD APP SDK 3.0

Completed OpenCL project should be uploaded via User dashboard (see instructions and example there), compilation and execution terminal output logs will be provided to the user.

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