Reduced Vlasov-Maxwell simulations

Philippe Helluy, Laurent Navoret, Nhung Pham, Anais Crestetto
Institut de Recherche Mathematique Avancee (IRMA), CNRS: UMR7501 – Universite de Strasbourg
hal-00957045, (10 March 2014)




   title={Reduced Vlasov-Maxwell simulations},

   author={Helluy, Philippe and Navoret, Laurent and Pham, Nhung and Crestetto, Ana{"i}s},

   keywords={Vlasov-Maxwell, Discontinous Galerkin, reduced modeling},


   affiliation={Institut de Recherche Math{‘e}matique Avanc{‘e}e – IRMA , TONUS – INRIA Nancy – Grand Est / IRMA , Laboratoire de Math{‘e}matiques Jean Leray – LMJL},





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In this paper we review two different numerical methods for Vlasov-Maxwell simulations. The first method is based on a coupling between a Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) Maxwell solver and a Particle-In-Cell (PIC) Vlasov solver. The second method only uses a DG approach for the Vlasov and Maxwell equations. The Vlasov equation is first reduced to a space-only hyperbolic system thanks to a reduction method proposed recently by the authors. The two numerical methods are implemented using OpenCL in order to achieve high performance on recent Graphic Processing Units (GPU).
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