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__host__ __device__ — Generic programming in Cuda Download

.NET High Performance Computing Download

“Local Rank Differences” Image Feature Implemented on GPU Download

[Serbian] The Methods and Procedures for Accelerating Operations and Queries in Large Database Systems and Data Warehouse (Big Data Systems) Download

10×10: A General-purpose Architectural Approach to Heterogeneity and Energy Efficiency Download

190 TFlops Astrophysical N-body Simulation on a Cluster of GPUs Download

2-D Impulse Noise Suppression by Recursive Gaussian Maximum Likelihood Estimation Download

24.77 Pflops on a Gravitational Tree-Code to Simulate the Milky Way Galaxy with 18600 GPUs Download

2D and 3D level-set algorithms on GPU

2D Image Convolution using Three Parallel Programming Models on the Xeon Phi Download

2D Triangulation of Polygons on CUDA Download

2D/3D image registration on the GPU Download

2HOT: An Improved Parallel Hashed Oct-Tree N-Body Algorithm for Cosmological Simulation Download

2PARMA: Parallel Paradigms and Run-time Management Techniques for Many-Core Architectures Download

3-SAT on CUDA: Towards a massively parallel SAT solver Download

3.5-D Blocking Optimization for Stencil Computations on Modern CPUs and GPUs Download

3D data denoising via Non-Local means filter by using parallel GPU strategies Download

3D Edge Bundling for Geographical Data Visualization Download

3D FFT on a Single FPGA Download

3D finite difference computation on GPUs using CUDA Download

3D finite element numerical integration on GPUs Download

3D GPU Architecture using Cache Stacking: Performance, Cost, Power and Thermal analysis Download

3D Haar-Like Elliptical Features for Object Classification in Microscopy Download

3D Hydrodynamic Simulation of Classical Nova Explosions Download

3D Information Extraction Based on GPU Download

3D Modeling, Distance and Gradient Computation for Motion Planning: A Direct GPGPU Approach Download

3D Non-Local Means denoising via multi-GPU Download

3D nonrigid registration via optimal mass transport on the GPU Download

3D Object Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks with Transfer Learning between Input Channels Download

3D Object Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks Download

3D Objects Tracking by GPGPU-Enhanced Particle Filter Algorithms Download

3D Recursive Gaussian IIR on GPU and FPGAs: A Case Study for Accelerating Bandwidth-Bounded Applications Download

3D Registration Based on Normalized Mutual Information: Performance of CPU vs. GPU Implementation Download

3D simulation of complex shading affecting PV systems taking benefit from the power of graphics cards developed for the video game industry Download

3D Skeleton Extraction Method using Potential Field on OpenCL Download

3D tumor localization through real-time volumetric x-ray imaging for lung cancer radiotherapy Download

3D vision of electromagnetic fields in antenna and microwave technique

3D visualization of astronomy data cubes using immersive displays Download Package

3D-color video camera Download

3DES ECB Optimized for Massively Parallel CUDA GPU Architecture Download

3I: A tool for visualizing and processing in parallel 2D & 3D images Download

42 TFlops hierarchical N-body simulations on GPUs with applications in both astrophysics and turbulence Download

4kUHD H264 wireless live video streaming using CUDA Download

5.6: GPU enhancement of FDTD-PIC plasma-wave simulations

8 Steps to 3.7 TFLOP/s on NVIDIA V100 GPU: Roofline Analysis and Other Tricks Download Package

86 PFLOPS Deep Potential Molecular Dynamics simulation of 100 million atoms with ab initio accuracy Download Package

94% on CIFAR-10 in 3.29 Seconds on a Single GPU Download Package

A (ir)regularity-aware task scheduler for heterogeneous platforms Download

A (Somewhat Dated) Comparative Study of Betweenness Centrality Algorithms on GPU Download

A 3D Convex Hull Algorithm for Graphics Hardware Download Package

A 3D radiative transfer framework: XIII. OpenCL implementation Download

A 3D radiative transfer framework. VIII. OpenCL implementation Download

A 57mW embedded mixed-mode neuro-fuzzy accelerator for intelligent multi-core processor

A 7.663-TOPS 8.2-W Energy-efficient FPGA Accelerator for Binary Convolutional Neural Networks Download

A balanced programming model for emerging heterogeneous multicore systems Download

A Batched GPU Algorithm for Set Intersection Download

A Benchmark Set of Highly-efficient CUDA and OpenCL Kernels and its Dynamic Autotuning with Kernel Tuning Toolkit Download Package

A Bi-objective Optimization Framework for Query Plans Download

A biomolecular electrostatics solver using Python, GPUs and boundary elements that can handle solvent-filled cavities and Stern layers Download Package

A block-asynchronous relaxation method for graphics processing units Download

A Braille Conversion Service Using GPU and Human Interaction by Computer Vision Download

A breadth-first course in multicore and manycore programming Download

A capabilities-aware framework for using computational accelerators in data-intensive computing Download

A Case Against Small Data Types on GPGPUs Download

A case for neuromorphic ISAs Download

A Case for Work-stealing on FPGAs with OpenCL Atomics Download

A Case Study for Petascale Applications in Astrophysics: Simulating Gamma-Ray Bursts Download

A Case Study in Using OpenCL on FPGAs: Creating an Open-Source Accelerator of the AutoDock Molecular Docking Software Download Package

A Case Study of OpenCL on an Android Mobile GPU Download

A Case Study of SWIM: Optimization of Memory Intensive Application on GPGPU

A case study on porting scientific applications to GPU/CUDA Download

A Case Study: Exploiting Neural Machine Translation to Translate CUDA to OpenCL Download

A CG-based Poisson solver on a GPU-cluster

A characterization and analysis of PTX kernels Download

A characterization of the Rodinia benchmark suite with comparison to contemporary CMP workloads Download

A Chunking Method for Euclidean Distance Matrix Calculation on Large Dataset Using Multi-GPU

A class of communication-avoiding algorithms for solving general dense linear systems on CPU/GPU parallel machines Download

A Class of Hybrid LAPACK Algorithms for Multicore and GPU Architectures Download

A closer look at GPUs Download

A Cloud Computing Service Architecture of a Parallel Algorithm Oriented to Scientific Computing with CUDA and Monte Carlo Download

A cluster for CS education in the manycore era Download

A Co-Design Framework with OpenCL Support for Low-Energy Wide SIMD Processor Download

A Co-Prime Blur Scheme for Data Security in Video Surveillance Download

A Coarse Grain Reconfigurable Architecture for sequence alignment problems in bio-informatics

A code motion technique for accelerating general-purpose computation on the GPU Download

A Code Optimization Framework for Performance Portability of GPU Kernels onto Custom Accelerators Download

A Code Transformation Framework for Scientific Applications on Structured Grids Download

A code-based analytical approach for using separate device coprocessors in computing systems

A Collective Knowledge workflow for collaborative research into multi-objective autotuning and machine learning techniques Download

A collision detection algorithm using adaptive particle sensor

A combined MPI-CUDA parallel solution of linear and nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann equation Download

A Common GPU n-Dimensional Array for Python and C Download Package

A Comparative Analysis of GPU Implementations of Spectral Unmixing Algorithms Download

A comparative analysis of the performance and deployment overhead of parallelized Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) algorithms on a selection of high performance multiprocessor computing systems Download

A comparative benchmarking of the FFT on Fermi and Evergreen GPUs

A Comparative Measurement Study of Deep Learning as a Service Framework Download

A Comparative Study of 2D Numerical Methods with GPU Computing Download

A Comparative Study of Asynchronous Many-Tasking Runtimes: Cilk, Charm++, ParalleX and AM++ Download

A Comparative Study of Game Tree Searching Methods Download

A comparative study of GPU programming models and architectures using neural networks


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