hgpu.org is a resource for people who seek the possibility to accelerate their computations by means of Graphics Processing Units (GPU). The site contains links to reviews, tutorials, research papers, program packages concerning various aspects of graphics and non-graphics (general purpose computing) using of GPU and related parallel architectures (FPGA, Cell processors etc.). The site also collects and catalogued information about programming tools and modern hardware for development of GPU applications.


The Events page provides links to related conferences, seminars and meetings. We are continuously updating links, papers and other information in our effort push the envelope of GPU computations.


Registered users can place their own information on hgpu.org and try OpenCL applications on two GPU nodes provided free of charge.


hgpu.org is administrated by a research group working in the field of high-energy physics and molecular modelling. We apply calculations on GPU for the problems of physics and extend the experience to other areas of science and industry.

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