Programming model for a heterogeneous x86 platform

Bratin Saha, Xiaocheng Zhou, Hu Chen, Ying Gao, Shoumeng Yan, Mohan Rajagopalan, Jesse Fang, Peinan Zhang, Ronny Ronen, Avi Mendelson
Intel Corporation
In PLDI ’09: Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming language design and implementation (2009), pp. 431-440.


   title={Programming model for a heterogeneous x86 platform},

   author={Saha, B. and Zhou, X. and Chen, H. and Gao, Y. and Yan, S. and Rajagopalan, M. and Fang, J. and Zhang, P. and Ronen, R. and Mendelson, A.},

   journal={ACM SIGPLAN Notices},








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The client computing platform is moving towards a heterogeneous architecture consisting of a combination of cores focused on scalar performance, and a set of throughput-oriented cores. The throughput oriented cores (e.g. a GPU) may be connected over both coherent and non-coherent interconnects, and have different ISAs. This paper describes a programming model for such heterogeneous platforms. We discuss the language constructs, runtime implementation, and the memory model for such a programming environment. We implemented this programming environment in a x86 heterogeneous platform simulator. We ported a number of workloads to our programming environment, and present the performance of our programming environment on these workloads.
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