OpenCL 2.2 API Specification

Khronos OpenCL Working Group
Khronos OpenCL Working Group
Khronos OpenCL Working Group, 2019


   title={OpenCL 2.2 API Specification},

   author={Khronos OpenCL Working Group},



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Modern processor architectures have embraced parallelism as an important pathway to increased performance. Facing technical challenges with higher clock speeds in a fixed power envelope, Central Processing Units (CPUs) now improve performance by adding multiple cores. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have also evolved from fixed function rendering devices into programmable parallel processors. As todays computer systems often include highly parallel CPUs, GPUs and other types of processors, it is important to enable software developers to take full advantage of these heterogeneous processing platforms. Creating applications for heterogeneous parallel processing platforms is challenging as traditional programming approaches for multi-core CPUs and GPUs are very different. CPU-based parallel programming models are typically based on standards but usually assume a shared address space and do not encompass vector operations. General purpose GPU programming models address complex memory hierarchies and vector operations but are traditionally platform-, vendor- or hardware-specific. These limitations make it difficult for a developer to access the compute power of heterogeneous CPUs, GPUs and other types of processors from a single, multi-platform source code base. More than ever, there is a need to enable software developers to effectively take full advantage of heterogeneous processing platforms from high performance compute servers, through desktop computer systems to handheld devices – that include a diverse mix of parallel CPUs, GPUs and other processors such as DSPs and the Cell/B.E. processor.
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