Migrating from OpenGL ES to Vulkan

Imagination Technologies Limited
Imagination Technologies Limited, 2018


   title={Migrating from OpenGL ES to Vulkan},

   author={Imagination Technologies Limited},



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This document outlines the key differences between OpenGL ES and the new Vulkan, and why a developer would want to migrate to Vulkan. Vulkan is a new low level graphics API that allows the developer to get very low level with an almost console-like API. This allows for greater control, performance and transparency. This is offset by an increase in implementation complexity. Moving to Vulkan is a forward-thinking move. It provides the developer with many exciting new features such as explicit control over all aspects of rendering, enabling precise synchronisation and the possibility of smoother frame-rates. Explicit memory allocation provides the power to better utilise GPU memory, and fully eliminate ghosting. Multi-core platform support makes Vulkan optimal for modern many CPU core platforms. It also has support for most platforms on the market. For developers it is out already, and ready to be used with one of the engines that support it. Whilst moving to Vulkan requires more effort than before, it is usually more than worthwhile.
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