Simulation and interaction of fluid dynamics

Enhua Wu, Hongbin Zhu, Xuehui Liu, Youquan Liu
Department of Computer and Information Science, FST, University of Macau, P.R. China
The Visual Computer, Vol. 23, No. 5. (5 May 2007), pp. 299-308


   title={Simulation and interaction of fluid dynamics},

   author={Wu, E. and Zhu, H. and Liu, X. and Liu, Y.},

   journal={The Visual Computer},








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In the fluid simulation, the fluids and their surroundings may greatly change properties such as shape and temperature simultaneously, and different surroundings would characterize different interactions, which would change the shape and motion of the fluids in different ways. On the other hand, interactions among fluid mixtures of different kinds would generate more comprehensive behavior. To investigate the interaction behavior in physically based simulation of fluids, it is of importance to build physically correct models to represent the varying interactions between fluids and the environments, as well as interactions among the mixtures. In this paper, we will make a simple review of the interactions, and focus on those most interesting to us, and model them with various physical solutions. In particular, more detail will be given on the simulation of miscible and immiscible binary mixtures. In some of the methods, it is advantageous to be taken with the graphics processing unit (GPU) to achieve real-time computation for middle-scale simulation.
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