AutoParBench: A Unified Test Framework for OpenMP-based Parallelizers

Gleison Souza Diniz Mendonça, Chunhua Liao, Fernando Magno Quintão Pereira
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
International Conference on Supercomputing, 2020


   title={AutoParBench: A Unified Test Framework for OpenMP-based Parallelizers},

   author={Mendon{c{c}}a, Gleison Souza Diniz and Liao, Chunhua and Pereira, Fernando Magno Quint{~a}o},



This paper describes AutoParBench, a framework to test OpenMP-based automatic parallelization tools. The core idea of this framework is a common representation, called a "JSON snapshot", that normalizes the output produced by auto-parallelizers. By converting—automatically—this output to the common representation, AutoParBench lets us compare auto-parallelizers among themselves, and compare them semantically against a reference collection. Currently, this reference collection consists of 99 programs with 1,579 loops. AutoParBench produces graphic or quantitative reports that lead to fast bug discovery. By investigating differences in snapshots produced by separate sources, i.e., tool-vs-tool or tool-vs-reference, we have discovered 3 unique bugs in ICC, 2 in DawnCC, 4 in AutoPar and 2 in Cetus. These bugs have been acknowledged, and at least one of them was repaired as direct consequence of this work.
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