Fourier Volume Rendering on the GPU Using a Split-Stream-FFT

Thomas Jansen, Bartosz von Rymon-Lipinski, Nils Hanssen, Erwin Keeve
Research center caesar, Surgical Systems Lab, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2, 53175 Bonn, Germany
9th International Fall Workshop on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization, 2004


   title={Fourier volume rendering on the GPU using a split-stream-FFT},

   author={Jansen, T. and von Rymon-Lipinski, B. and Hanssen, N. and Keeve, E.},

   booktitle={9th International Fall Workshop on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization},




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The Fourier volume rendering technique operates in the frequency domain and creates line integral projections of a 3D scalar field. These projections can be efficiently generated in O(N^2 log N) by utilizing the Fourier Slice-Projection theorem. However, until now, the mathematical difficulty of the Fast Fourier Transform prevented acceleration by graphics hardware and therefore limited a wider use of this visualization technique in state-of-theart applications. In this paper we describe how to utilize current commodity graphics hardware to perform Fourier volume rendering directly on the GPU. We present a novel implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform: This Split-Stream-FFT maps the recursive structure of the FFT to the GPU in an efficient way. Additionally, highquality resampling within the frequency domain is discussed. Our implementation visualizes large volumetric data set in interactive frame rates on a mid-range computer system.
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