Visualization of level-of-detail meshes on the GPU

Oscar Ripolles, Miguel Chover, Francisco Ramos
Inst. Universitari d’Automatica i Informatica Industrial, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera s/n, Valencia, Spain
The Visual Computer (18 February 2011), pp. 1-17.


   title={Visualization of level-of-detail meshes on the GPU},

   author={Ripolles, O. and Chover, M. and Ramos, F.},

   journal={The Visual Computer},





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Extensive research has been carried out in multiresolution models for many decades. The tendency in recent years has been to harness the potential of GPUs to perform the level-of-detail extraction on graphics hardware. The aim of this work is to present a new level-of-detail scheme based on triangles which is both simple and efficient. In this approach, the extraction process updates vertices instead of indices, thus providing a perfect framework for adapting the algorithms to work completely on GPU shaders. One of the key aspects of our proposal is the need for just a single rendering pass in order to obtain the desired geometry. Moreover, coherence among the different approximations is maximized by means of a symmetric extraction algorithm, which performs the same process when refining and coarsening the mesh. Lastly, we also introduce different uses of the scheme to offer continuous and view-dependent resolution.
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