A New GPU-Based Neighbor Search Algorithm for Fluid Simulations

Xiangkun Zhao, Fengxia Li, Shouyi Zhan
Beijing Lab. of Intell. Inf. Technol., Beijing Inst. of Technol., Beijing, China
2nd International Workshop on Database Technology and Applications (DBTA), 2010


   title={A New GPU-Based Neighbor Search Algorithm for Fluid Simulations},

   author={Zhao, X. and Li, F. and Zhan, S.},

   booktitle={Database Technology and Applications (DBTA), 2010 2nd International Workshop on},




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Fluid simulations based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) have been widely used for generating complex motion of fluid. However,implementation of searching particle neighbors on graphics processing unit (GPU) can not be satisfied till now. In this paper, we present a new grid-based neighbor search method on GPU for GPU-based SPH fluid simulation. Using this new GPU-based neighbor search technique while not the CPU-Based neighbor search, SPH fluid simulation can be implemented entirely on GPU and the fluid simulation speed can be increased many times. Our neighbor search method is also suitable to be used in conjunction with other particle-based applications.
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