Whole-function vectorization

Ralf Karrenberg, Sebastian Hack
Saarland University
9th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), 2011


   title={Whole-Function Vectorization},

   author={Karrenberg, R. and Hack, S.},



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Data-parallel programming languages are an important component in today’s parallel computing landscape. Among those are domain-specific languages like shading languages in graphics (HLSL, GLSL, RenderMan, etc.) and “general-purpose” languages like CUDA or OpenCL. Current implementations of those languages on CPUs solely rely on multi-threading to implement parallelism and ignore the additional intra-core parallelism provided by the SIMD instruction set of those processors (like Intel’s SSE and the upcoming AVX or Larrabee instruction sets). In this paper, we discuss several aspects of implementing dataparallel languages on machines with SIMD instruction sets. Our main contribution is a language- and platform-independent code transformation that performs whole-function vectorization on low-level intermediate code given by a control flow graph in SSA form. We evaluate our technique in two scenarios: First, incorporated in a compiler for a domain-specific language used in realtime ray tracing. Second, in a stand-alone OpenCL driver. We observe average speedup factors of 3.9 for the ray tracer and factors between 0.6 and 5.2 for different OpenCL kernels.
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