Fast Hydraulic and Thermal Erosion on GPU

Balazs Jako, Balazs Toth
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest/Hungary
The 15th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics (CESCG), 2011


   title={Fast Hydraulic and Thermal Erosion on GPU},

   author={J{‘a}k{‘o}, B. and T{‘o}th, B.},



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Computer games, TV series, movies, simulators, and many other computer graphics applications use external scenes where a realistic looking terrain is a vital part of the viewing experience. Creating such terrains is a challenging task. In this paper we propose a method that generates realistic virtual terrains by simulation of hydraulic and thermal erosion on a predefined height field terrain. The model is designed to be executed interactively on parallel architectures like graphics processors.
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