Computational Intelligence on Consumer Games and Graphics Hardware CIGPU-2012

10-15 June 2012
Brisbane, Australia

The fifth International workshop and tutorial on Computational Intelligence on Consumer Games and Graphics Hardware (CIGPU 2012) will be held as a hybrid special session of the IEEE WCCI 2012 conference in Brisbane, 10-15 June 2012. WCCI 2012, the IEEE world congress on computational intelligence, joins together three international conferences: IJCNN 2012, FUZZ-IEEE 2012 and IEEE CEC 2012. The CIGPU special session at WCCI will bring together people interested in novel uses of mass consumer electronics, computer games and physics or graphics hardware to swap research ideas and practical information and advice on how to get the best of low cost hardware for all three subject areas. The CIGPU special session will cover all three conference domains.

Since it promises huge amounts of cheap computation there is great interest in using mass consumer market commodity hardware for engineering and scientific applications. This tends concentrated upon graphics hardware, particularly GPUs. However there is also increasing interest in using games consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation and the Cell processor, for research and applications. In future personal computer physics engines, which are intended to provide realistic real time simulation of multi-body physics for sophisticated games, may also be adapted to serve science (rather than simulate it). With their blend of computing and sensors, eg 3D real time positioning, mobile cellular telephones, tablets and gaming devices such as the Nintendo Wii, also offer platforms for novel computational intelligence applications.

The use of commodity graphics hardware for scientific computing (often referred to as General Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units, GPGPU) has become established. However, their use in computational intelligence continues to increase. GPUs provide a very restricted type of parallel processing. CIGPU-2012 will spread knowledge of up to date tools and techniques that are required to get the best from these widely available but difficult to fully exploit consumer hardware. The special session will allow researchers to demonstrate the new types of CI applications that can be implemented on this form of hardware. We expect the computational power of these devices will enable significant advances in fuzzy, evolutionary computation and artificial neural network processing.

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