Embedding OpenCL in GHC Haskell

Benedict R. Gaster, J. Garrett Morris
Advanced Micro Devices
MULTIPROG’13, 2013


   title={Embedding OpenCL in GHC Haskell},

   author={Gaster, Benedict R. and Morris, J. Garrett},



OpenCL defines a computation model for data-parallel code, supporting compilation to a variety of platforms, including both conventional x86 CPUs and commodity graphics hardware. OpenCL consists of both a programming language for writing data parallel code, called kernels, and an API, written in C, for interacting with the OpenCL platform and invoking OpenCL kernels. We describe a library to enable Haskell programmers to access the OpenCL APIs in an idiomatic fashion, eliminating much of the complexity of interacting with the OpenCL platform and providing stronger static guarantees than are possible in existing APIs.
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