The 22nd High Performance Computing Symposium, HPC 2014

April 13-16, 2014
Tampa, FL, USA

The 2014 Spring Simulation Multiconference will feature the 22nd High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2014), devoted to the impact of high performance computing and communications on computer simulations.

Advances in multicore and many-core architectures, networking, high end computers, large data stores, and middleware capabilities are ushering in a new era of high performance parallel and distributed simulations. Along with these new capabilities come new challenges in computing and system modeling. The goal of HPC 2014 is to encourage innovation in high performance computing and communication technologies and to promote synergistic advances in modeling methodologies and simulation. It will promote the exchange of ideas and information between universities, industry, and national laboratories about new developments in system modeling, high performance computing and communication, and scientific computing and simulation.

Topics of interest include:
High performance/large scale application case studies
GPU for general purpose computations (GPGPU)
Multicore and many-core computing
Power aware computing
Cloud, distributed, and grid computing
Asynchronous numerical methods and programming
Hybrid system modeling and simulation
Large scale visualization and data management
Tools and environments for coupling parallel codes
Parallel algorithms and architectures
High performance software tools
Resilience at the simulation level
Component technologies for high performance computing

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