Statistics of platform usage

Modern customer video cards that can be used for general purpose (non-graphic) applications are provided mainly by two vendors, nVidia and AMD. The specifications of the manufactured GPU are collected on the Hardware page of hgpu.org. Introduction of the CUDA proramming language for nVidia graphics processing units, which had made GPGPU calculations easier than before, cause appearence of the large number of GPU applications. Some common libraries (e.g. BLAS, FFT) have also been developed for GPU with the use of CUDA. Most of the application reported up to date are realized on nVidia platform. The statistics page provides information about the platforms (hardware and software) on which the works posted on hgpu.org have been performed.


Statistics is based on 10576 available papers

The proportion of papers based on different GPU developers

Hardware percentage of all papers posted on hgpu.org. Unknown platforms include all other parallel processing units (Cell processors, etc.) or information about the platform is not available.

Number of papers for different GPU platforms

The number of the papers per year describing the applications developed for various graphics processing units.

Number of papers for different GPGPU languages

The number of the papers per year describing the applications developed with the use of the CUDA, OpenGL, DrectX, Brook and OpenCL programming languages.

Number of papers based on most popular nVidia GPUs

The number of the papers per year describing the applications performed on various nVidia GPU.

Recent source codes

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