Faraday Discussions 169: Molecular simulations and visualization

May 7-9, 2014
Nottingham, UK

Molecular simulations and visualization represent formidable communication and learning tools that could significantly speed up understanding of complex biomolecular systems. Interactive and immersive scientific computing includes aspects from the natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry and material sciences, and from the computational sciences, such as HPC architectures, graphical rendering, human-computer interaction, virtual reality and game design. We want to gather experts in these disciplines to stimulate discussions and initiate research aimed at deeper involvement, going beyond the boundaries of each discipline.

This meeting aims to illustrate and discuss the potential of human computer interaction and virtual reality for computational molecular sciences (biology, chemistry, materials science).

virtual and augmented reality; immersive molecular simulations
advanced visualization and visual analytics
computing power revolution and new algorithms: GP-GPUs, clouds and more
applications and serious games: from docking to protein folding

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