3rd Workshop on Scalable Computing in Distributed Systems and 8th Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids, SCoDiS-LaSCoG’14

September 7 - 10 , 2014
Warsaw, Poland

The Large Scale Computing in Grids (LaSCoG) workshop originated in 2005, and when it was created we have stated in its preamble that:

“The emerging paradigm for execution of large-scale computations, whether they originate as scientific or engineering applications, or for supporting large data-intensive calculations, is to utilize multiple computers at sites distributed across the Internet. In particular, computational Grids are collections of distributed, possibly heterogeneous resources, which can be used as ensembles to execute large-scale applications. While the vision of the global computational Grid is extremely appealing, there remains a lot of work on all levels to achieve it.”

While, it can hardly be stated that the issues we have observed in 2005 have been satisfactorily addressed, a number of changes has happened that expanded the world of large-scale computing. Today we can observe emergence of a much more general paradigm for execution of large-scale applications, whether they originate from scientific or engineering areas, or they support large data-intensive calculations. These tasks utilize computational Grids, cloud-based systems and resource virtualization. Here, collections of distributed, possibly heterogeneous resources are used as ensembles to execute large-scale applications.

This being the case, we have decided to keep the LaSCoG workshop tradition alive, but to co-locate it with a conference, which will have an appropriately broader scope. This is how the Workshop on Scalable Computing in Distributed Systems (SCoDiS) emerged.

The LaSCoG-SCoDiS’14 pair of events shares a joint Program Committee and is envisioned as a forum to promote an exchange of ideas and results aimed at addressing sophisticated issues that arise in developing large-scale applications running on heterogeneous distributed systems.

Covered topics include (but are not limited to):
Large-scale algorithms and applications
Symbolic and numeric computations
High performance computations for large scale simulations
Large-scale distributed computations
Agent-based computing
Data models for large-scale applications
Security issues for large-scale computations
Science portals
Data visualization
Performance analysis, evaluation and prediction
Programming models
Peer-to-peer models and services for scalable Grids
Collaborative science applications
Business applications
Data-intensive applications
Operations on large-scale distributed databases
On-demand computing
Computation as a service
Federation of compute capacity
Virtualization supporting computations
Self-adaptive computational / storage systems
Volunteer computing
Large scale computation with GPU
Cloud computing architectures and models
Load Balancing in large-scale distributed systems
Intelligent resource allocation
Cloud Security, Privacy, Confidentiality and Compliance
Mobile Cloud
High Performance Cloud Computing
Green Cloud Computing
Economic, Business and ROI Models for Cloud Computing
Performance, Capacity Management and Monitoring of Cloud Configuration
Cloud Interoperability and Portability
Cloud Application Scalability and Availability
Big Data Cloud Service

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