Computer Vision Accelerators for Mobile Systems based on OpenCL GPGPU Co-Processing

G. Wang, Y. Xiong, J. Yun, J.R. Cavallar
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering Rice University, Houston, Texas-77005, USA; Qualcomm Technologies Inc., San Diego, California, USA


   title={Computer Vision Accelerators for Mobile Systems based on OpenCL GPGPU Co-Processing},

   author={Wang, Guohui and Xiong, Yingen and Yun, Jay and Cavallaro, Joseph R},

   journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1403.4238},



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In this paper, we present an OpenCL-based heterogeneous implementation of a computer vision algorithm — image inpainting-based object removal algorithm — on mobile devices. To take advantage of the computation power of the mobile processor, the algorithm workflow is partitioned between the CPU and the GPU based on the profiling results on mobile devices, so that the computationally-intensive kernels are accelerated by the mobile GPGPU (general-purpose computing using graphics processing units). By exploring the implementation trade-offs and utilizing the proposed optimization strategies at different levels including algorithm optimization, parallelism optimization, and memory access optimization, we significantly speed up the algorithm with the CPU-GPU heterogeneous implementation, while preserving the quality of the output images. Experimental results show that heterogeneous computing based on GPGPU co-processing can significantly speed up the computer vision algorithms and makes them practical on real-world mobile devices.
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