GPU-Accelerated Face Detection Algorithm

T.A. Mahmoud Fayez
International Journal of Computer Engineering & Science, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 47-55, 2014


   title={GPU-Accelerated Face Detection Algorithm},

   author={Fayez, TA Mahmoud},



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This work is an overview of a preliminary experience in developing high-performance face detection accelerated by GPU co-processors. The objective is to illustrate the advantages and difficulties encountered while utilizing the GPU technology to perform face detection. Moreover the introduced implementation is a much faster than currently existing techniques. Previous techniques for speeding up face detection are illustrated with the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. The experiments with NVIDIA GTX 560 show that detecting the faces in an image of size [640×480] can process up to 34 frames per second. This in turn reflects back the achieved speed that exceeds FPGA.
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