Interactive Isogeometric Volume Visualization with Pixel-Accurate Geometry

Franz G. Fuchs, Jon M. Hjelmervik, Erik C. Dyken, Erik W. Bjonnes
SINTEF ICT, Forskningsveien 1, N-0314 Oslo, Norway
arXiv:1404.3363 [cs.GR], (13 Apr 2014)



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A recent development, called isogeometric analysis, provides a unified approach for design, analysis and optimization of functional products in industry. Common volume rendering methods for inspecting the results from the numerical simulations can not be applied directly to isogeometric models. We present a novel approach for interactive visualization of isogeometric analysis results, ensuring correct, i.e., pixel-accurate geometry. The entire OpenGL pipeline is used in a multi-stage algorithm leveraging techniques from surface rendering, order-independent transparency and numerical theory of ordinary differential equations. We showcase the efficiency of our approach on different models relevant to industry, ranging from quality inspection of the parametrization of the geometry, to stress analysis in linear elasticity.
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