Particle-Based Fluid Simulation on the GPU

Kyle Hegeman, Nathan Carr, Gavin Miller
Stony Brook University
Computational Science ICCS 2006 (2006), pp. 228-235.


   title={Particle-based fluid simulation on the GPU},

   author={Hegeman, K. and Carr, N. and Miller, G.},

   journal={Computational Science–ICCS 2006},





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Large scale particle-based fluid simulation is important to both the scientific and computer graphics communities. In this paper, we explore the effectiveness of implementing smoothed particle hydrodynamics on the streaming architecture of a GPU. A dynamic quadtree structure is proposed to accelerate the computation of inter-particle forces. Our method readily extends to higher dimensions without undue increase in memory or computation costs. We show that a GPU implementation runs nearly an order of magnitude faster than our CPU version for large problem sizes.
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