3rd International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (ICCRC), 2015

August 13-14, 2015
Berlin, Germany

ICCRC 2015- 3rd International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics
Berlin, Germany
August 13-14, 2015

Submission Deadline: 2015-06-05
All accepted papers of ICCRC 2015 will be published by International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research (IJMERR) (ISSN:2278-0149), which will be indexed by Copernicus, ProQuest (USA), Open J-Gate, Indian Science and Google Scholar.

T1: Modern and Advanced Control Strategies
Neural Networks Control
Model-Predictive Control
Adaptive and Optimal Control
Intelligent agents
Industrial Automations
T2: Human-Machine Systems
Human Computer Interaction
Human Factors in system Design
Virtual Reality
EEG Signal Processing and Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
T3: Multimedia and Communication Systems
Multimedia and New Media
T4: Database System
Database and Information System Architecture and Performance
Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems
Temporal, Spatial, and High Dimensional Databases
XML and Databases
Distributed, Parallel, P2P, and Grid-based Databases
Information Retrieval and Database Systems
T5: Robotics and Automation
Robot Dynamic and Control
Human-robot Systems
Intelligent Robots
Home Robots
T6: Decision Making and Information Retrieval
Case-Based Reasoning
Decision Analysis
Intelligent Databases & Information Retrieval
Distributed Decision Making
Information and Decision Systems
Risk Management
T7: Data Analysis, Prediction and Model Identification
Signal Processing
Prediction and Time Series Analysis
System Identification
Image Processing
Image Understanding
Parallel Computing applications in Identification and Control
Pattern Recognition
T8: Control System Application
Manufacturing Systems
Transportation Systems
Service and Public Sector System
Energy Systems
Environmental Systems
Technological Forecasting
Financial Engineering
Communication networks and Protocol
Military Systems
T9: Hybrid Systems
Fuzzy Expert Systems
Fuzzy Neural Systems
Neural Genetic Systems
Neural-Fuzzy-Genetic Systems
For more topics: http://www.iccrc.org/cfp.html

Submission method:
Electronic Submission System; ( .pdf)

Contact us:
Ms. Yoyo Yang
E-mail: iccrc@iacsit.org
Tel (AM 9:30–PM 12:00, PM 13:30–PM 18:00, Monday to Friday):
+1-518-478-2659 (USA)

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