Optimizing ASP.NET with C++ AMP on the GPU

Scott Zimmerman
Amazon Web Services, 2015


   title={Optimizing ASP.NET with C++ AMP on the GPU},

   author={Zimmerman, Scott},



This whitepaper is intended for Microsoft Windows developers who are considering writing high-performance parallel code in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Microsoft C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) library. This paper describes an ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC) web application written in C# that invokes C++ functions running on the graphics processing unit (GPU) for matrix multiplication. Since matrix multiplication is of order N-cubed, multiplying two 1024 x 1024 matrixes requires over one billion multiplications, and is therefore an example of a compute-intensive operation that would be a good candidate for GPU programming. This paper shows how to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio to launch a Microsoft Windows Server instance with an NVIDIA GPU in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) on AWS.
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