Implementing a Photorealistic Rendering System using GLSL

Toshiya Hachisuka
The Unviersity of Tokyo
arXiv:1505.06022 [cs.GR], (22 May 2015)


   title={Implementing a Photorealistic Rendering System using GLSL},

   author={Hachisuka, Toshiya},






Ray tracing on GPUs is becoming quite common these days. There are many publicly available documents on how to implement basic ray tracing on GPUs for spheres and implicit surfaces. We even have some general frameworks for ray tracing on GPUs. We however hardly find details on how to implement more complex ray tracing algorithms themselves that are commonly used for photorealistic rendering. This paper explains an implementation of a stand-alone rendering system on GPUs which supports the bounding volume hierarchy and stochastic progressive photon mapping. The key characteristic of the system is that it uses only GLSL shaders without relying on any platform dependent feature. The system can thus run on many platforms that support OpenGL, making photorealistic rendering on GPUs widely accessible. This paper also sketches practical ideas for stackless traversal and pseudorandom number generation which both fit well with the limited system configuration.
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