Optimized Password Recovery for Encrypted RAR on GPUs

Xiaojing An, Haojun Zhao, Lulu Ding, Zhongrui Fan, Hanyue Wang
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
arXiv:1505.07635 [cs.DC], (28 May 2015)


   title={Optimized Password Recovery for Encrypted RAR on GPUs},

   author={An, Xiaojing and Zhao, Haojun and Ding, Lulu and Fan, Zhongrui and Wang, Hanyue},






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RAR uses classic symmetric encryption algorithm SHA-1 hashing and AES algorithm for encryption, and the only method of password recovery is brute force, which is very time-consuming. In this paper, we present an approach using GPUs to speed up the password recovery process. However, because the major calculation and time-consuming part, SHA-1 hashing, is hard to be parallelized, so this paper adopts coarse granularity parallel. That is, one GPU thread is responsible for the validation of one password. We mainly use three optimization methods to optimize this parallel version: asynchronous parallel between CPU and GPU, redundant calculations and conditional statements reduction, and the usage of registers optimization. Experiment result shows that the final version reaches 43~57 times speedup on an AMD FirePro W8000 GPU, compared to a well-optimized serial version on Intel Core i5 CPU.
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