Task Parallel Incomplete Cholesky Factorization using 2D Partitioned-Block Layout

Kyungjoo Kim, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, George Stelle, H. Carter Edwards, Stephen L. Olivier
Center for Computing Research, Sandia National Laboratories
arXiv:1601.05871 [cs.MS], (22 Jan 2016)


   title={Task Parallel Incomplete Cholesky Factorization using 2D Partitioned-Block Layout},

   author={Kim, Kyungjoo and Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran and Stelle, George and Edwards, H. Carter and Olivier, Stephen L.},






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We introduce a task-parallel algorithm for sparse incomplete Cholesky factorization that utilizes a 2D sparse partitioned-block layout of a matrix. Our factorization algorithm follows the idea of algorithms-by-blocks by using the block layout. The algorithm-by-blocks approach induces a task graph for the factorization. These tasks are inter-related to each other through their data dependences in the factorization algorithm. To process the tasks on various manycore architectures in a portable manner, we also present a portable tasking API that incorporates different tasking backends and device-specific features using an open-source framework for manycore platforms i.e., Kokkos. A performance evaluation is presented on both Intel Sandybridge and Xeon Phi platforms for matrices from the University of Florida sparse matrix collection to illustrate merits of the proposed task-based factorization. Experimental results demonstrate that our task-parallel implementation delivers about 26.6x speedup (geometric mean) over single-threaded incomplete Cholesky-by-blocks and 19.2x speedup over serial Cholesky performance which does not carry tasking overhead using 56 threads on the Intel Xeon Phi processor for sparse matrices arising from various application problems.
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