GPU-based interactive visualization framework for ultrasound datasets

Sukhyun Lim, Koojoo Kwon, Byeong S. Shin
Department Computer and Information Engineering, Inha University, 253 Yonghyun-dong, Nam-gu, Inchon 402-751, Republic of Korea
Comput. Animat. Virtual Worlds, Vol. 20, No. 1. (2009), pp. 11-23


   title={GPU-based interactive visualization framework for ultrasound datasets},

   author={Lim, S. and Kwon, K. and Shin, B.S.},

   journal={Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds},






   publisher={Wiley Online Library}


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Ultrasound imaging is widely used in medical areas. By transmitting ultrasound signals into the human body, their echoed signals can be rendered to represent the shape of internal organs. Although its image quality is inferior to that of CT or MR, ultrasound is widely used for its speed and reasonable cost. Volume rendering techniques provide methods for rendering the 3D volume dataset intuitively. We present a visualization framework for ultrasound datasets that uses programmable graphics hardware. For this, we convert ultrasound coordinates into Cartesian form. In ultrasound datasets, however, since physical storage and representation space is different, we apply different sampling intervals adaptively for each ray. In addition, we exploit multiple filtered datasets in order to reduce noise. By our method, we can determine the adequate filter size without considering the filter size. As a result, our approach enables interactive volume rendering for ultrasound datasets, using a consumer-level PC.
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