Accelerating string tokenization with FPGAs for IoT data handling equipment

Kazuhiro Yamato
Miracle Linux Corporation
Miracle Linux Corporation, 2016


   title={Accelerating string tokenization with FPGAs for IoT data handling equipment},

   author={Yamato, Kazuhiro},



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This paper reports on the results of a study to accelerate string tokenization using FPGAs suitable for both IoT gateways and data center servers. The prototype developed with Xilinx High-Level Synthesis software runs at 200 MHz and processes up to 32 ASCII characters per clock cycle. It incorporates either OpenCL or our own framework (Volvox) to transfer data between a host computer and a FPGA board via a PCI Express interface. Evaluations showed processing with a prototype with Volvox was approximately 10 times faster than with a CPU.
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