Simulation of Shallow-Water systems using Graphics Processing Units

Miguel Lastra, Jose M. Mantas, Carlos Urena, Manuel J. Castro, Jose A. Garcia-Rodriguez
Depto. de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos, E.T.S. Ing. Informatica y Telecomunicaciones, Univ. Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Volume 80, Issue 3, November 2009, Pages 598-618


   title={Simulation of shallow-water systems using graphics processing units},

   author={Lastra, M. and Mantas, J.M. and Ure{~n}a, C. and Castro, M.J. and Garc{‘i}a-Rodr{‘i}guez, J.A.},

   journal={Mathematics and Computers in Simulation},








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This paper addresses the speedup of the numerical solution of shallow-water systems in 2D domains by using modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). A first order well-balanced finite volume numerical scheme for 2D shallow water systems is considered. The potential data parallelism of this method is identified and the scheme is efficiently implemented on GPUs for one-layer shallow-water systems. Numerical experiments performed on several GPUs show the high efficiency of the GPU solver in comparison with a highly optimized implementation of a CPU solver.
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