Time-varying clustering for local lighting and material design

Peijie Huang, Yuanting Gu, Xiaolong Wu, Yanyun Chen, Enhua Wu
State Key Lab of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
Science in China Series F: Information Sciences, Vol. 52, No. 3. (1 March 2009), pp. 445-456


   title={Time-varying clustering for local lighting and material design},

   author={PeiJie, H. and YuanTing, GU and XiaoLong, WU and YanYun, C. and EnHua, WU},

   journal={Sci China Ser F-Inf Sci},






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Abstract This paper presents an interactive graphics processing unit (GPU)-based relighting system in which local lighting condition, surface materials and viewing direction can all be changed on the fly. To support these changes, we simulate the lighting transportation process at run time, which is normally impractical for interactive use due to its huge computational burden. We greatly alleviate this burden by a hierarchical structure named a transportation tree that clusters similar emitting samples together within a perceptually acceptable error bound. Furthermore, by exploiting the coherence in time as well as in space, we incrementally adjust the clusters rather than computing them from scratch in each frame. With a pre-computed visibility map, we are able to efficiently estimate the indirect illumination in parallel on graphics hardware, by simply summing up the radiance shoots from cluster representatives, plus a small number of operations of merging and splitting on clusters. With relighting based on the time-varying clusters, interactive update of global illumination effects with multi-bounced indirect lighting is demonstrated in applications to material animation and scene decoration.
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