Computation on programmable graphics hardware

N. Goodnight, R. Wang, G. Humphreys
Virginia University, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE, Vol. 25, No. 5. (2005), pp. 12-15


   title={Computation on programmable graphics hardware},

   author={Goodnight, N. and Wang, R. and Humphreys, G.},

   journal={IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications},




   publisher={Published by the IEEE Computer Society}


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GPUs have evolved into powerful and flexible streaming processors with fully programmable floating-point pipelines and tremendous aggregate computational power and memory bandwidth. With these advances, modern GPUs can now perform more functions than the specific graphics computations for which they were designed. This article describes approaches to using GPU processing power to accelerate traditionally CPU-based tasks. We discuss some important characteristics of algorithms that make them good candidates for GPU acceleration. We discuss a specific GPU image-processing application that is a common postprocess for many physically based rendering systems.
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