STAR-RT: Visual attention for real-time video game playing

Iuliia Kotseruba, John K. Tsotsos
arXiv:1711.09464 [cs.CV], (26 Nov 2017)


   title={STAR-RT: Visual attention for real-time video game playing},

   author={Kotseruba, Iuliia and Tsotsos, John K.},






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In this paper we present STAR-RT – the first working prototype of Selective Tuning Attention Reference (STAR) model and Cognitive Programs (CPs). The Selective Tuning (ST) model received substantial support through psychological and neurophysiological experiments. The STAR framework expands ST and applies it to practical visual tasks. In order to do so, similarly to many cognitive architectures, STAR combines the visual hierarchy (based on ST) with the executive controller, working and short-term memory components and fixation controller. CPs in turn enable the communication among all these elements for visual task execution. To test the relevance of the system in a realistic context, we implemented the necessary components of STAR and designed CPs for playing two closed-source video games – Canabaltand Robot Unicorn Attack. Since both games run in a browser window, our algorithm has the same amount of information and the same amount of time to react to the events on the screen as a human player would. STAR-RT plays both games in real time using only visual input and achieves scores comparable to human expert players. It thus provides an existence proof for the utility of the particular CP structure and primitives used and the potential for continued experimentation and verification of their utility in broader scenarios.
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