Evaluating High-Level Synthesis Techniques for Scalable Hardware-Accelerated Computing

Alfonso Rodriguez, Cesar Castanares, Teresa Riesgo, Eduardo de la Torre
Centro de Electronica Industrial, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference (DCIS), 2017


   title={Evaluating High-Level Synthesis Techniques for Scalable Hardware-Accelerated Computing},

   author={Rodr{i}guez, Alfonso and Castanares, C{‘e}sar and Riesgo, Teresa and de la Torre, Eduardo},



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Hardware acceleration is considered a powerful tool in parallel-computing, able to overcome the limitations imposed by sequential execution of software applications and, at the same time, provide energy-efficient alternatives to other parallel computing platforms such as GPUs. However, the increasing application complexity makes it unaffordable to map algorithms directly into HDL. Hence, High-Level Synthesis tools can be used to leverage the design of hardware accelerators from high-level programming languages such as C/C++ or OpenCL. In this paper, the use of High-Level Synthesis tools to generate hardware accelerators for applications with significant data-level parallelism is evaluated. Multiple copies of the same accelerator are used to analyze performance scalability in two different scenarios: high-performance embedded computing, and small-scale datacenter. In the former, Vivado HLS is used to generate accelerators from C and OpenCL code, which are then compared to several software-based multicore alternatives. In the latter, accelerators are seamlessly integrated using SDAccel, and the OpenCL-based description is also used to establish comparisons with other parallel computing platforms (GPUs). Experimental tests show promising results in the high-performance embedded computing scenario, where hardware-based processing outperforms its software-based counterparts. However, the results obtained in the small-scale datacenter scenario show that FPGA-based acceleration using OpenCL is currently no match for high-end GPU devices in certain applications.
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