GPU-friendly warped display for scope-maintained video surveillance

Wang, Guangyu, Wong, Tien-Tsin, Heng, Pheng-Ann
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T, HONG-KONG
Multimedia Systems, Vol. 12, No. 3. (December 2006), pp. 169-178


   title={GPU-friendly warped display for scope-maintained video surveillance},

   author={Wang, G. and Wong, T.T. and Heng, P.A.},

   journal={Multimedia Systems},








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In this paper, we propose an efficient technique for warped display of surveillance video signal. Usually, there are regions of interest (ROIs) in video surveillance, such as entrance or exit, and moving objects or persons. The surveillant has two or more conflicting goals in mind. He/She wants to blow up the ROIs, but also wants to have an overview of the whole surveillance scope. The proposed method solves this conflict by warping the input video signal in real time fashion. First, multiple ROIs are detected. Then, the mesh for texture mapping is deformed, according to the position and shape of the ROIs. The original video frame is mapped as a texture on the deformed mesh to produce the warped effect. Mesh deformation and texture mapping are accelerated by modern graphics processing units (GPU). By allocating more display space for ROIs, the proposed technique highlights such important regions and assists the surveillant to locate them effectively. By experiments, we show that the proposed method is effective and efficient.
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